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Cultural and linguistic services

Kern Health Systems' commitment is to provide quality healthcare to our culturally and linguistically diverse member population. To assist providers in better communicating with patients that are limited in their English proficiency (LEP), KHS' Marketing/Cultural and Linguistics Services Department is making the following resources available to you.

  • Desktop displays: Language Line point to language ID display.
  • Better Communication, Better Care: Provider Tools to Care for Diverse Populations: The material tool kit was produced by a nationwide team of healthcare professionals. The material will provide resources to address specific operational needs that often arise because of changing service requirements and legal mandates.
  • Labels: Tool for providers to document patient's language needs. Preferred Language labels (yellow). Use or refusal of interpreter services (green).
  • Online Courses: HRSA: Effective Communication Tools for Healthcare Professionals. Addressing Health Literacy, Cultural Competency, and Limited English Proficiency.

If you need originals of the resources mentioned above, please call Cynthia Cardona, Cultural & Linguistics Services Manager, at 661.617.2498.