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Report fraud

Help us stop fraud

When people aren't honest, it can be fraud. Fraud increases healthcare costs for all of us. You can help us stop fraud and keep costs down by telling us if you know of someone committing fraud or if you just think that something doesn't sound right. Here are some kinds of healthcare fraud:

  • Letting someone use a member identification card that doesn't belong to him or her.
  • Purposely giving wrong information on forms.
  • Trying to get benefits that a person shouldn't receive.
  • Trying to get medicines that a doctor didn't order.
  • Giving people treatments that they don't really need.
  • A doctor making you overpay for an office visit.
  • A drug store making you overpay for your medicines.

These can be serious problems. If you think someone may be misusing benefits or not telling the truth in order to gain something, call us. If you tell us when you think someone is doing something wrong, we'll try to find out if it's true. And if it is, we'll fix the problem. But we won't tell anyone that you talked to us. Your name will be kept private.

Be sure to call if something doesn't seem right. With your help, we can protect people from fraud. To learn more about how to stop fraud or to report fraud, call us at 661.632.1590 (Bakersfield) or 800.391.2000 (Outside of Bakersfield). You may also download the Fraud Referral Form and return it to us by mail or by email at

Fraud report form in English or Spanish.