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At Kern Family Health Care, your health is important to us

We want you to know that along with your Doctor, we are working together to safely get you the health care you need. Whether it’s done in your doctor’s office, over the phone or through tele video, it’s safe to resume your care now.

It’s about feeling good. It’s about caring. It’s about you.

Don’t wait to get the health care you and your family need any longer. Call your doctor today or call Kern Family Health Care at 1.800.391.2000 for help making an appointment.

What safety measures are in place to protect you during in-person appointments?

  • Everyone is screened for potential COVID-19 symptoms and exposures prior to entering. This includes temperature checks.

  • Face masks are required.

  • Social distancing, hand washing, and disinfecting guidelines are followed.

  • Patients can only bring one support person to their appointment. Some facilities allow no support person.

  • Doctors ensure eligible patient appointments are done by telehealth or tele video, limiting the number of patients and non-essential visitors, when available.

We’re Here For You.


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