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Grant programs

Kern Family Health Care (KFHC) is dedicated to improving the health status of our members through an integrated managed health care delivery system.

We are committed to making quality health care accessible in our community. In recognition of the essential role that community organizations have in our health care delivery system, we have created diverse Grant Programs to financially aid and encourage innovative efforts to bring beneficial services to our community.

Grant Programs

2022-2024 KFHC School Wellness Grant Program


Kern Health Systems dba Kern Family Health Care (KFHC) is committed to improving the health status of our members and our community through an integrated managed health care delivery system. Since 2015, KFHC has been funding school wellness grant programs throughout the county and these programs have demonstrated success with decreasing obesity, improvement of physical fitness, and increasing student knowledge around nutrition, physical activity and safety. To continue assisting KFHC in fulfilling its commitment towards a healthier Kern County, KFHC will award public schools and districts in Kern County grant funding to implement a school wellness program that will engage students and stakeholders in activities that promote and support the physical, social, emotional and behavioral health and wellbeing among students and their families.

Award Amount

Up to $50,000

Application Deadline

April 1, 2022

Award Announcement Date

June 3, 2022

Program Period

August 1, 2022 – July 30, 2024

Program Expectations:

  • Program Lead must participate in monthly meetings to discuss the progress of the grant funded program and at least four of these meetings will be in-person at the school. It is highly recommended that key staff identified in the school’s work plan and grant application attend these meetings.
  • Monthly Progress Reports on the status of the work plan activities are due by the 5th of each month.
  • Quarterly Financial Reports on all actual and encumbered expenses are due by the 5th of the month.
  • End of Program Financial Report is due no later than 45 calendar days following the completion of the program.
  • End of Program Evaluation Report is due no later than 45 calendar days following the completion of the program.
  • The KFHC logo should be visible on all rewards, incentives, marketing and promotional items when possible.
  • Any changes to the approved program or budget must be received in writing and approved by KFHC.
  • Program activities must commence within 45 calendar days from the 1st day of school.
  • End of Program Reward must be tied to the school’s work plan and cannot exceed 40% of total grant funds.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must serve Medi-Cal beneficiaries and/or low income students.
  • Applicants must be a public school, public school district or district dependent charter school that serves students from Kindergarten up to 12th Grade in Kern County, California.
  • Program expenses must be tied to the approved student wellness program objectives and will be subject to review and approval by KFHC.
  • Applicants must prepare and submit a completed School Wellness Grant Program Application, Work Plan and Proposed Budget.
  • Preference will be given to applicants that demonstrate readiness and motivation to successfully implement the program, commitment to the program at all levels (from administrative staff to teachers), ability to engage in regular communication with the program liaison, and plans for sustaining the program after the conclusion of the program.

Application Process:

  • A public notice announcing the application period along with the grant application will be made available at and mailed by request when made in writing.
  • Completed applications must be submitted during the application period, and received no later than the application deadline, April 1, 2022.
  • Applications should be emailed to:

Award Process:

The KFHC Wellness Committee will review eligible applications, conduct follow-up interviews and make recommendations to the CEO for grant awards.

2022 School Wellness Grant Application