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Public Policy/Community Advisory Committee
The Public Policy/Community Advisory Committee (PP/CAC) provides a mechanism for structured input from KHS members regarding how KHS operations impact the delivery of their care. The role of the PP/CAC is to implement and maintain community linkages.

Function – the functions of the PP/CAC are as follows:
  1. Culturally appropriate service or program design.
  2. Priorities for health education and outreach program
  3. Member satisfaction survey results
  4. Findings of health education and cultural and linguistic Group Needs Assessment.
  5. Plan marketing materials and campaigns.
  6. Communication of needs for provider network development and assessment.
  7. Community resources and information.
  8. Periodically review the KHS grievance processes;
  9. Review changes in policy or procedure that affects public policy;
  10. Advise on educational and operational issues affecting members who speak a primary language other than English;
  11. Advise on cultural and linguistic issues.

Structure – The PP/CAC is delegated by the Board of Directors to provide input in the development of public policy activities for KHS. The committee makes recommendations and reports findings to the Board of Directors. Appointed members include:

1 Public Policy Chair of the KHS Board of Directors (Chairperson)  - Louis Iturriria
5 Subscribers/enrollees – three vacant
2 Community Representative
2 Participating Health Care Practitioner - two vacant
1 Kern County Health Officer or Representative
1 Director, Kern County Department of Human Services or Representative

Meetings - The PP/CAC meets quarterly with additional meetings as necessary.
Public Policy/Community Advisory Committee Agenda for February 12, 2019
Public Policy/Community Advisory Committee Past Agendas