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Physician Advisory Committee

The Physician Advisory Committee (PAC) serves as an advisor to the Board of Directors on health care issues, peer review, provider discipline and credentialing/recredentialing decisions. This committee is responsible for reviewing provider grievances and/or appeals, provider quality issues, and other peer review matters as directed by the KHS Chief Medical Officer or designee. 

The QI/UMC has delegated credentialing and recredentialing functions for KHS to the PAC.  The PAC is responsible for reviewing individual providers for denial or approval of participation with KHS.

The PAC is charged with the assessment of standards of health care as applied to members and providers; assist with development of indicators for studies; and regularly review guidelines that are promulgated to contracting providers and members.  This committee consists of a variety of practitioners in order to represent the appropriate level of knowledge to adequately assess and adopt healthcare standards.  The committee obtains an external independent review and opinion when necessary to assist with a decision regarding preventive care guidelines, disease management or coverage of a new technology as a covered benefit for members.

The PAC reviews and comments upon pertinent KHS standards and guidelines with updates, as needed.  The PAC evaluates improvements in practice patterns of contracting providers and the development of local care standards.  Development of educational programs includes input from the PAC.  The PAC reviews and comments on other issues as requested by the Board of Directors.

Physician Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda for August 7, 2019
Physician Advisory Committee Past Agendas