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3.01-P Excluded Services 2016-12

3.02-P Major Organ Transplant 2010-05

3.03-P Kern Regional Center (Developmental Disabilities and Early Intervention) 2016-03

3.05-P Preventive Medical Care 2018-03

3.06-P Dental Services 2017-07

3.07-P Vision Care 2018-10

3.08-P Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) 2016-09

3.09-P Second Opinions 2015-02

3.10-P Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Services 2018-10

3.12-P Urgent Care Services 2017-02

3.13-P EPSDT Supplemental Services and Targeted Case Management (TCM) 2018-12

3.14-P Mental Health Services 2018-12

3.16-P California Children's Services (CCS) 2014-09

3.17-P STD Treatment 2017-06

3.18-P Confidential HIV Testing 2014-08

3.19-P Facility Transfers-2017-02

3.20-P Sensitive Services 2017-02

3.21-P Family Planning Services and Abortion 2017-07

3.22-P Referral and Authorization Process 2018-12

3.23-P Provider Appeals Regarding Authorization 2018-05

3.24-P Pregnancy and Maternity Care 2017-09

3.25-P Prior Auth Services and Procedures 2017-09

3.27-P Radiology Services 2014-11

3.28-P Animal Bite Reporting 2014-10

3.29-P Condition-Disease Reporting 2015-09

3.30-P Abuse, Neglect and Other Criminal Act Reporting 2016-08

3.31-P Emergency Services 2014-08

3.33-P Admission Discharge Notification-Auth for Contract Facilities 2017-01

3.35-P Online Authorization Tool 2017-02

3.36-P Asthma Treatment and Management 2017-01

3.37-P Specialty Nutrition Consultation 2017-01

3.39-P Continuity of Care by Terminated Providers 2017-08

3.42-P Nursing Facility Services and Long Term Care 2018-10

3.43-P Hospice Services 2015-03

3.46-P Tuberculosis Treatment 2015-09

3.50-P Medical Transportation Services 2017-02

3.53-P Cancer Treatment 2017-11

3.54-P Diabetes Treatment and Management 2013-07

3.56-P Services for Children with Special Needs 2015-03

3.63-P Topical Fluoride Varnish 2015-07

3.66-P Comprehensive Hepatitis C Program 2013-03

3.67-P Transgender Services 2014-11

3.71-P Linguistics Services 2015-11

3.72-P Behavioral Health Therapy and Behavioral Intervention Services 2018-04